Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Card 2011

Family Pictures 2011

After 5 years we finally had new family pictures taken.

Here are the results:

Of course we needed to have one done of the kids together

and individually

Sarah - age 14
Isaac - age 11 (almost 12)
Josh - age 9 (almost 10)

Emma - age 6

Thursday, March 31, 2011


I love Zumba! It makes me so happy. Not just happy when I am dancing, but happy about everything. It brightens my days and nights. When I am dancing I feel power and joy.

My instructor, Desree is the best person. She gives us Zumba ladies so much. (you can see her in the video about half way through. Front and center in the neon green tank.) This is what I love about her. She posted this on Facebook:
"I need to say something about our zumba girls...they are the true essence of Zumba, the heart and soul. They are not professional dancers, none of us, but dance Zumba because in those precious moments they feel love and self acceptance, they feel the truth and value of who they are...amazing, beautiful, strong, fearless! I love what Zumba has given us! Love to you all!!"

Another of our Zumba ladies said this about Desree: "Thank you, Desree, for helping us all make wonderful memories! You have helped me overcome a lot of fears and you've challenged me to be a better person. You are beautiful on the inside and out! You have no idea what a blessing you have been to me. You help me dig deep in my personal life and on the dance floor. I owe you so much!!!"

I feel the exact same way. This has truly changed my life.

This past Wednesday I had the opportunity to Zumba dance for the Flash (basketball team) half time show. Here is a video of the half time show. My friend, Heidi is just right of me in the turquoise shirt. Thanks Heidi for dancing with me. Enjoy!

My favorite part is the end. You can hear my kids cheering. I love that my family came and supported me. And, I didn't embarass them. You guys are the best.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Our much loved dog Jasper died yesterday.
The poor thing was hit by a car.
We will miss him terribily.
He loved to wrestle and play tug-a-war

He loved Emma's unicorn pillow pet.
He would try to steal it and nap on it.
But most of all, he loved his kids.
He slept on their beds with them.
He protected them.

Jasper we will miss you so much!
Jasper we love you!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I spy:
Dagwood Sandwiches
Tree Climbing kids

Heber Creeper

A great fall day at Vivian Park

Monday, October 11, 2010

October is....

October is Pregnancy and Infant loss awareness month. I have a story. I am not sure if I will tell it here. I am not a writer and I want to make sure to get it just right. To honor. To validate. I may be able to, maybe not.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Emma started Kindergarten yesterday. She is so lucky to have her best friend in her class. They walked to school together. Thanks to Luann for the awesome pictures. I am also lucky to call her a friend.

I am not one of those Moms that want to keep my kids babies. I love seeing them grow and develop. I am so amazed at the people they have become. I am blessed to know them.